I’ve been a freelance writer with a specialization in health for the past 15 years.  I also have extensive experience coaching families, patients and clinicians to tell and write their own stories.

I  had a piece called Far From My Tree published in the December 8, 2013 print edition of the New York Times and on the Motherlode blog on November 24.  My two personal essays about having a child with Down syndrome which were published in the Globe and Mail are here.

Here is my writing portfolio of published work:


Pain ReportsAvailability of researcher-led eHealth tools for pain assessment and management: barriers, facilitators, costs, and designSeptember 2018, co-author with Higgins, Kristen S.; Tutelman, Perri R.; Chambers, Christine T.; Witteman, Holly O.; Barwick, Melanieh; Corkum, Pennya; Grant, Doris; Stinson, Jennifer N.; Lalloo, Chitrah; Robins, Sue; Orji, Rita; Jordan, Isabel.
Patient Experience Journal, Advocate Me, Summer 2018.
Callanish Newsletter, Invincible SummerSummer 2018.
Journal of Family Nursing, Make Space for the Suffering, February 28, 2018.
Cancer Knowledge Network, Advocate Me, February 12, 2018.
The Mighty website, How I feel about World Cancer DayFebruary 4, 2018.
The Mighty website, 
All the Feels: My take on the breast biopsy for breast cancer. January 16, 2018.
Med Rad Research Blog, 
All My Pocket Friends: Social Media Relationships. January 9, 2018.



  • Seven Things Patients Want You to Know – ESCN newsletter May Edition, written for Alberta Health Services Emergency Strategic Clinical Network, published May 30, 2014.
  • About Dr. Darwish, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, May 5, 2014.
  • From Strangers to Colleagues, written for the Health Sciences Council, published in the May College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Alberta’s The Commentator publication.
  • He’s Living His Life Far From My Tree, my essay was published in the print edition of the Sunday New York Times on December 8, 2013, and on the Motherlode blog on November 24.
  • Holistic Cultural Care, a feature article in CARE magazine about home care nursing on Saddle Lake Cree Nation.
  • The Invisible Mom Essay, June 2013 – originally published on the Bloom blog, and republished on Huffington Post, and the Seleni Institute websites.
  • A feature in CLPNA’s CARE magazine – The Northern Advantage in the Winter 2012 issue.
  • Our Families Talk (as part of my contract with the Stollery Children’s Hospital).  Published in Hospital News, and co-written with Karen Klak and Linda McConnan.
  • It’s about the people:  nursing in the inner city.  A feature about Ashley Schwanke and her clients at the Streetworks needle exchange program.
  • Meaningful Engagement or Tokenism?  An article published in Australia’s Health Issues Journal.
  • A piece about the LPN role expansion at the University of Alberta Hospitals – Transforming Care (page 9).
  • It’s Easy Being Green (page 14) – an article in CARE about environmental initiatives undertaken by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses and their partners.
  • Rhoda Blooms (page 16) -a profile about a remarkable nurse, and her experience with addiction and recovery.
  • Two stories in Care magazine – one co-written about the Dialysis Bus, and a profile on nurse Larry Leduc and his experiences in Haiti.
  • February 2010 – where I write about writing for Edmonton Stories.
  • A feature called Myth Busters, about nurses working in continuing care.  I provided both the words and the photos for this piece.  (Page 8).
  • In Care magazine’s summer 09 issue, the cover feature about the Perioperative Nursing Program. (Scroll down to page 8).
  • The spring issue of CLPNA’s Care magazine contains two of my articles.  One called Care in the Air (page 7) and the other a short piece on a woman named Emma, who is 102 years old (page 21).
  • The College of Licensed Practical Nurses has a new magazine called Care.  I wrote the feature for it in the fall 2008 issue, about LPN and ortho tech Dave Dearden – called From Trucks to Scrubs (page 18).
  • The Primary Care Initiative new website has been launched.  I wrote the feature story – Paving the Way for Prenatal Care.
  • New article!  Edmonton’s Child magazine – A Primer:  Choosy Childcare.  Scroll down to page 24.
  • News and Views, Alberta’s LPNs’ professional magazine, page 16.   A profile on an LPN working in primary care.
  • The Edmonton Journal, ed magazine – article called Misconceptions about Contraception
  • The Advocate magazine -profile on Primary Care Network mental health coordinators
  • Edmonton’s Child magazine – articles about Early Intervention, New Mom’s Network
  • Hospital News – piece about Alberta’s Primary Care Networks.
  • Legacy Magazine, Winter 2006.  A profile on composer John Estacio.
  • Globe and Mail Facts & Arguments
  • Your Health magazine – features on Primary Health Care, sex education, Gene Chip technology, art therapy
  • Food for Thought- health articles on diabetes, fibre, a day in the life of a veterinarian, profile on a dinner prep company.

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  1. lisa cann says:

    okay so now I’ve read thiese to my husband and kids and I’m still crying…and I’m not much of a crier either…only when things touch my heart!

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