a wife’s tale

at the harbour in howth, north of dublin

at the harbour in howth, north of dublin

I was thrilled when my abstract for speaking at the World Down Syndrome Congress was accepted earlier this year.  So in mid-August, my husband and I packed up our youngest son, age 6, and travelled to Ireland for the Congress and a subsequent two weeks in Dublin and County Cork.

I’ve chronicled many of our adventures which revolved around food, on Foodie Suz.  I also had time to read an entire book (a rarity that I carve out for myself on holidays).  This time it was Lori Lansen’s A Wife’s Tale.  Lest you think it is like the Canadian version of The Biggest Loser, it is certainly not.  A Wife’s Tale is an engaging and compassionate read.It is a lovely book of transformation and post-divorce.

After my first marriage ended, I, too travelled far away – for me, it was to Norway with my two kids.  This is a common experience, I think – women searching for home in strange places.  Eat, Love, Pray is like that too.  Although both those protagonists weren’t travelling with two children under the age of seven.  I clearly wasn’t thinking straight.

Take a look at Lori Lansen’s bio page.  It is the best bio I have ever read – very warm and personable, and illustrates that our lives really are built around babies and where we live.  She provides inspiration for those of us who say about writing:  I can’t. I can’t find the time. Lori Lansen just sits down and writes.  Because that’s what writers do.

return from seattle

I’ve been doing a lot of corporate work lately, which means it doesn’t pop up in my portfolio because I don’t actually own the words.  

I’ve been writing a lot on my food blog, which is fun.  I have regular commenters – many of whom have their own food blogs in Edmonton.  I just returned from a Food Chick Weekend in Seattle with my daughter Ella, who is 12, and I documented our adventures in food here

We were blessed with some rare sunny days, which made for fabulous picture taking.  But my favourite time?  Our pit stops in our hotel room, where both Ella and I read books.  Ella finished Scat by Carl Hiaasen and I consumed A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg, which is a lovely read about food and love.  

Here’s my favourite photo of our trip – Ella reading.  She’s my girl…