care in the air



I wrote two articles in the Spring issue of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses Care Magazine.   One was the feature on LPNs in pre-hospital practice called (cleverly) Care in the Air, where I learned about the exciting world of emergency care.  

The other piece is one of my favourite articles I have ever written.  I wrote a short bit about a woman named Emma, who is 102 years old and lives in an assisted living facility.   I had a great amount of reverence when I walked into her room with my notepad and my camera,  and learned that people’s seemingly ordinary lives are always extraordinary when tempered with love.

return from seattle

I’ve been doing a lot of corporate work lately, which means it doesn’t pop up in my portfolio because I don’t actually own the words.  

I’ve been writing a lot on my food blog, which is fun.  I have regular commenters – many of whom have their own food blogs in Edmonton.  I just returned from a Food Chick Weekend in Seattle with my daughter Ella, who is 12, and I documented our adventures in food here

We were blessed with some rare sunny days, which made for fabulous picture taking.  But my favourite time?  Our pit stops in our hotel room, where both Ella and I read books.  Ella finished Scat by Carl Hiaasen and I consumed A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg, which is a lovely read about food and love.  

Here’s my favourite photo of our trip – Ella reading.  She’s my girl…


cast clinic photo shoot

Here are a few photos from a shoot I did two weeks ago at the cast clinic.  I’m writing an article and will post the link once it is published.

The girl in the photo is my home-grown model – my daughter Ella.  She was a great sport, and got to keep her bright pink cast as a souvenir of the shoot.  These photo shoots are just plain fun.