I collect inspirational stories.  Here are essays, books and videos that I reference in my writing and presentations.

Love, A word that Medicine Fears by Kirsten Meisinger
Facing Difference by Ian Brown, Walrus Magazine

storytelling & writing 
Writing to Change the World by Mary Pipher
Use your Words by Kate Hopper
Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
Still Writing by Dani Shapiro

health care
Privileged Presence, edited by Liz Crocker & Bev Johnson
American Nurse by Carolyn Jones

Far from the Tree by Andrew Solomon
Gifts, edited by Kathryn Lynard Soper
The Boy in the Moon by Ian Brown
Roadmap to Holland by Jennifer Graf Groneberg
Wonder by R.J. Palacio

planning a revolution
Getting to Maybe by Brenda Zimmerman, Frances Westley, Michael Patton

ted talks
Brene Brown, The Power of Vulnerability
Andrew Solomon, Love, no matter what
Joanne Minaker, Just Care


From the Cleveland Clinic.  Empathy:  Exploring the Human Connection

The Beryl Institute’s I am the patient experience.

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