start here for meaningful engagement

Meaningful family engagement

The original image is here on Karen Copeland’s Champions for Community Wellness website. Please use it, share it, but don’t alter it.  Give credit back to Karen’s site.

I keep hearing that researchers, patient engagement staff, clinicians and administrators are well-intentioned when they are tasked with including patients on their committees, in their conferences and with their research.

Let’s move past being well-intentioned to actually doing patient and family engagement right.  If you don’t evolve beyond well-intentioned, there is a chance you are causing harm to people with your misguided efforts.

I also hear of ‘patient engagement training’ that is offered to patients but I can tell you that the other group that need training are the staff who are actually trying to do the engaging.  And you know who should be facilitating this training in a paid work capacity?  The patients and families themselves.

I could share many resources, written by patients and families (like the Patients Included Charters), but let’s start with this infographic.

This tip sheet says family engagement, but swap in the word patient or person or anybody you say you want to engage in your work.  Think of these tips in every single interaction you have with these folks.

Use it as your lens to treat all people with respect in a meaningful way.

(Big credit to Karen Copeland for being open and sharing her creative talent to partner with me to create this work).  


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