democracy was born

This poem is dedicated to all my friends who are neck-deep in daily advocacy work for themselves or their loved ones.  Power to the people.

Democracy Was Born

Democracy was born
When we boiled the kettle
And laid a clean sheet
On the kitchen table.

Democracy was born
In the needle exchange
With two men, punched and bloody
There, democracy was born
When the young women, the Florence Nightingales
Took them out for a walk
Around the block of the shelter
For a bit of fresh air.

Democracy was born
In a conference hotel room
Sitting on a bed tipping a bottle of red wine
While three moms schemed advocacy efforts.

Democracy is never born
At the polling station
Around the boardroom table
At the bureaucrat’s office
Or in the hallowed chambers.

Instead it lives out loud.
In coffee shops
While breaking bread
On the steps of the legislature
And in the mean streets.

All the new ideas are babies born
Around the kitchen table.


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