sharing the news


I was thrilled to work with Karen Copeland to create this Sharing the News Tip sheet for health professionals and educators. It is meant for any professional who is sharing news with people and their families – including those disclosing diagnosis, sharing test results or any other unexpected information.

Tips sheets are Karen’s brilliant idea to distill complex concepts into easy to print infographics.  I have given one-hour presentations about Sharing the News, which includes research, best practice and storytelling, but having this one-pager is a valuable way to share the same crucial information in a different form.

If you are involved with Sharing the News in any way, please download and share this tip sheet widely!  I cannot over-emphasize how important it is for people and families to have a good experience when a diagnosis or unexpected news is shared with them.  People never ever forget this pivotal moment in their lives.  You have the power to gently place people on a path of strength, instead of devastation and weakness.

The downloadable PDF version is here.

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