pick a hill to die on

I oscillate wildly every day between creating a peaceful life for our family and feeling outraged about the discrimination that people with disabilities experience in my own country.  Wait, not just my own country, but in my own province.   Oh no, even worse, it happens in my son’s own life:  being turned down for day care by these guys and refused respite and summer camp opportunities by these people because we won’t consent to IQ testing. All emails I receive regarding these issues go in a folder entitled: ‘Crap About Systems.’ As I have said over and over again – it ain’t the kid; it is the systems that cause us grief. And systems are made up of PEOPLE.  Most of these people act like we are trying to ‘fake’ Down syndrome, steal money from their own wallets or cheat them in some way.

I am so happy that Rick Mercer has caught wind of the family who are being asked to leave Canada because their son has Down syndrome.   Rick says it best in this most awesome rant – no commentary required.  (My Rick Mercer crush deepens).


One thought on “pick a hill to die on

  1. Barbara Laird says:

    So agree,,,one of my first statements is usually that systems, all systems are the problem..we finally has to have Mel tested..about grade 10 or 11….did it then as the school naoard paid and not me…..took the results and have never looked at them again……need it for adult world also??to get PWD benefits..GRRRRRRR

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