over and above

Well, oh my goodness, get out a box of Kleenex when you watch this video from the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation in Edmonton.  My husband showed it to me in the waiting room of our son’s reading program.  I had to explain to his reading teacher why I was sobbing when I picked him up.  This story moved me deeply.

First, I love the way the video was shot – with very little dialogue, and the lyrics of the song filling in for actual words.  What happened needs no explanation – just watching the images flickering on the screen is enough.  Of course I also thought of my own beloved grandparents, who left this earth not that long ago.

I read somewhere, and I like to say:  less health care, more caring.  Less services, more serving.  And that’s exactly what this is about.  I’d also call it Over and Above – meaning for those who work in health care:  what have you done today that has gone over and above the call of duty?  And what if everybody goes over and above every single day?   That would automatically cause a tipping point and trigger the health care revolution that we are all so desperate for.

My challenge to health care leaders:  how do you create opportunities for staff and physicians to go over and above?  How do you reward the over and above?  The reason this story is so special is because what happened is so exceptional – in my own experience in the adult health system, anyhow.  What if we all worked together to make caring the norm?

(A special shout-out to visionaries like David Sheard who are doing this important work right now).


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