ted talks

We are doing a cool thing at my work at a children’s hospital.  We are hosting monthly Ted Talks at lunchtime in the library, which is open to all staff and families.  We decided not to show health-related talks, and instead host Ted Talk screenings that our outside of our normal box of health care.

If we think hard, everything we learn can apply to our work & personal lives.  This Ted Talk – how painting can transform communities – tells the compelling story of community engagement by two Danish painters who were painting houses in poor neighbourhoods in Rio.

What did they learn?  Never make assumptions.  Ask the people.  Involve the people.  Be with the people.  Break bread with the people.  These are keys to engagement that applies to every setting:  art, health care, education, brought to us by two funny Danish guys.  Anyone and everyone can be our teachers if we keep our minds open enough.

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