guy dancing with his shirt off video

When I’m feeling despair about the state of my world, I comb my library for inspiration to keep me going.

This Derek Sivers video on leadership is a great resource, and I’ve shared it widely with people who are trying to make a dent in the universe.

I call it: the guy dancing with his shirt off video.  When I worked for the Stollery Children’s Hospital, we showed this video at our Family Centred Care Strategy Day.  There had been a small group of us dancing with our shirts off for three years (sorry, the analogy doesn’t carry well over to women, unless you are at Oregon Country Fair) and the movement of family centred care was slowly starting to spread within the hospital.

Today the Stollery is a role model for family engagement and a leader in family centred care in Canada.  But we must not forget this has come with a heck of a lot of work by a lot of people, including the first adopters, who risked appearing foolish by dancing on that hill.  But dance they did.

I’m really posting this video for myself, to remind myself to keep on going. Today I had the honour of presenting about partnering with patients and families to an exceptionally engaged and respectful audience of Pharmacy leaders from the Lower Mainland.  It reminded me that those champions are out there, and gave me hope for the future.  Let’s shimmy ahead together in spite of despair.  That’s the only way change is going to happen.

ps:  more practical advice to soothe your despair:  eating Cheetos out of your kid’s Halloween candy helps too.  As do Disabilitinis.

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