holy hospital parking fees, batman

perhaps the best hospital room view in the world

                               perhaps the best hospital room view in the world

My husband was hospitalized for four days earlier this month.    It was then that I realized that my feelings about the Canadian health system oscillate wildly between extreme outrage to heartfelt gratitude.

I was shocked and outraged by the state of the Emergency Department waiting areas.  Two words:  War.  Zone.

I was grateful for the care once my husband finally accessed the inner sanctum of the Emergency.  I overheard many interactions between physicians and patients – and they were overwhelmingly kind and compassionate.

I was mildly outraged by the amount that I spent on parking at the hospitals over four days.  It was a grand total of:  $175.  Holy hospital parking fees, Batman.  Now, I can afford this outrageous cost.  But what of others who can’t?

I was so thankful for the physicians (and various residents, interns and medical students) who worked hard to figure out what was going on and then fixed my husband and sent him home.  We always knew what the plan was, what the next steps were – and this alleviated a lot of anxiety that is normally associated with uncertainty.  The communication by the docs there was outstanding.

As Anne Lamott says, there are only two prayers in the world:

Help me help me help me.
Thank you thank you thank you.

Thank you to the folks at Vancouver General Hospital for helping my husband when he was in need.

(But holy cow, can someone do something about the exorbitant parking rates?).


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