an ode to aaron’s ‘helpers’

Aaron had a spectacularly awful day at school yesterday.  In today’s communication book, his lovely Educational Assistant wrote:


That has to be the most awesome, understanding note back from a school ever.  My eyes filled with tears when I read this.

I just want to pause to acknowledge the amazing women who have been what we call ‘Aaron’s Helpers’ over the past six years – Naomi, Anne and Debbie.  (And before Grade 1, Lisa and Jess).   These folks have used their skill, patience and creativity to work with our son for five hours a day, ten months a year.  Aaron is pretty good at testing skill, patience and creativity, but they have stepped up to be kind, compassionate and understanding with our boy.  If Aaron had a rotten day, Anne, his EA from his school in Edmonton, would always say:


I believe Educational Assistants are educators, too – in fact, they are responsible for delivering curriculum to our kids in a way they will understand.  They get to know our kids really really well – for better and for worse.  I know they don’t get paid much, and sometimes see us parents frustrated and angry.  I hope they know how much they mean to us, and that we remember to say thank you to them along the way.



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