a glimpse into the future

Trying out a BMW M6

Trying out a BMW M6

Aaron is almost 12 years old now.  That means that adulthood is a mere six years away.  I know how fast those years will zoom by, based on my experience from my two other children, who are now young adults.

I keep half an eye on employment opportunities in the disability world (but to be truthful, I’m not ready to fully look at adulthood yet).  I want Aaron to have a job that builds on his strengths, and is something he really loves to do (the same as my other children).  Right now, he loves luxury cars.  He can identify all makes and models of the most obscure fancy car, and he tells me that he is going to work in a Mercedes dealership.

Our Corrie shared these three fabulous websites of three young men with autism who have established their own businesses, doing what they love to do.  If this is a glimpse into Aaron’s employment opportunities, the future looks pretty bright to me.  Bravo Brad, Anthony and Aaron – if you live in Edmonton and area, please consider supporting these local businesses:
Made for you By Brad
Anthony at Your Service
Lego Art by Aaron


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