anthem for motherhood

Whenever I miss my adult children, I listen to this song. No matter how far away my son and daughter are, they always hold a place in my heart.

I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons was written by the lead singer, Dan Reynolds, and yes, it is about his challenging relationship with his parents. I love it because it talks about the bond he has with his mom and dad, despite giving them hell over the years.

Late this afternoon as the sun was falling low in the sky, I was sitting at my desk in my office, remembering my kids when they were young. I hold a snapshot of them in my head, frozen in time – my quiet, curly-headed sweet children.

Now, almost two decades later, they are living their own lives. This song is for all of us parents whose children are wayward and finding their way. Listen to it, and know that you aren’t alone. xo.


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