keep banging on your drum

My husband is obsessed with the Craig Ferguson show (or, as he fondly calls him, Craigy Fergy).  Ferguson’s last show was on December 19, and Mike has insisted on showing the opening segment to anybody who walked into our house over the past two weeks.

I never fully understood Craig Ferguson’s humour in the same way Mike did – they had their gender, age and UK-ness in common.  I did, however, appreciate his free-form style – he was like the jazzman in the world of scripted late night talk show hosts.  Mad props to him for being true to himself.  This is what makes him an artist.

I finally succumbed to Mike’s pressure and watched the clip of the last show today.  Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my husband well up, and now I know why.  The sequence featured a whole raft of celebrities banging on their drums, including an amusing Kristen Bell patting her own very pregnant belly.  But oh my, the lyrics to the song Bang Your Drum.

If you’ve ever struggled for acceptance, stepped up when nobody else would, wanted to make change in the world, been labelled a troublemaker, been told to shut up, experienced rejection over & over, been outspoken about issues nobody wanted to talk about, had nasty Internet comments, been ignored or ridiculed, or tried to create something that will last forever, THIS IS YOUR SONG.

So make that art, speak up at that meeting, step up to the podium, bang out that blog post, grab that microphone and DO NOT GIVE UP.  This is the only way the world will ever ever change.

Keep banging on
Banging on your drum
Keep banging on
And your day will come
Keep banging on
Banging on your drum
and never heed
-awesome lyrics by Dead Man Fall

Dedicated to my Mike, who has always supported me and encouraged me to bang on my own drum.  And my three kids, who are banging on their very own drums.


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