recognizing an act of kindness

secondcupTwo weeks ago, I had the good fortune to witness a lovely interaction between a Second Cup staff member and a young man who was waiting for his drink.  I am quick to complain if I see an injustice, and I believe that we should also be just as quick to hand out compliments, too.  I sent this email to Second Cup customer service, who promised they’d contact the manager.  I also saw the young lady, Kaitlin, again a few days later, and had a chance to express my feelings in person (which I could not do without welling up with tears – I am such a softie).

I challenge you to recognize an act of kindness that you see this week – in health care, in education, or out in public.  Tell the person directly, let their supervisor know, and write a letter.  It is all good.  I’d love for us to reinforce acts of kindness as much as we pour our energy into complaints.  You rock, Kaitlin!

I wanted to share kudos for a staff member at Terwillegar Rec Centre Second Cup, on Leger Road in Edmonton.

I was there last night, and there was a lovely barista named Kaitlin, who was behind the counter (she is very tall with dark hair). A young man, who appeared to have autism, was by the bar, and became confused about his order and seemed agitated.

Kaitlin was very patient and kind towards him – checking on his drink order, talking to him to reassure him that his drink was coming up. She provided exemplary customer service to a customer who others might have dismissed. She treated him very respectfully, and with great dignity, and I want you to pass on my compliment to her for her general awesomeness. We need more open-hearted, accepting people like her in the world. Second Cup at Terwillegar Rec Centre is very lucky to have her on staff.

Could you please pass this onto her manager?

thank you,
Sue Robins.



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