weekly love, july 18

Here’s what I liked this week:

This Babble piece by Ellen Seidman is about raising kids who care about people with disabilities.  It is a good one.

I’ve been following the journey of Jacqui and Dan on Instagram.  Their little boy Ryan died tragically in June, and their story is one of sorrow and grace.

Kate Baer wrote a perfect essay about being tightly wound.  My kids are now 11, 17 and 20, but I’m STILL tightly wound.  I think that I became this way when they were little, and it is time that I figured out how to unlearn it.  Keeping focused on the moment really does help.

Woman Stuff
I love this Australian campaign called Embrace, to fund a documentary to promote women loving their bodies.  I think that it is never healthy for any woman to hate her body.   For those of us with daughters, the interviews of women describing their bodies is especially chilling.

Similarly, Calla Thomson Wright wrote an essay about loving Thunder Thighs.  This is an impressive piece of reflective writing from a writer of any age – but even more so because Calla is only 21.



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