weekly love

The Internet has become an unwieldy place since I first ventured into it in 1997.  That’s why I like Twitter, blog readers, and weekly round-ups – these tools distill a lot of information and curate the Internet for me.

Two of my favourite blogs have regular weekly round-ups of links on the Internet: Dooce’s clever and Twitter-profanity-filled Stuff I found while looking around, and the more subdued Weekend Reads from Becoming Minimalist.

Here are my choices for some Weekly Love for you.  Yeah, it is going to be mostly links about motherhood, and loving someone with differences.  But I also like posts about food, slowing down, patient centred care, and the simple life, too.  So here goes:

Mom stuff:

A leak in the system from Mary Evelyn Smith’s What do you do dear? – a poignant piece about how society views kids with disabilities – through the eyes of a little girl.

If healthy pregnancies were treated like special needs pregnancies by Wifeytini’s Sarah Watts.  This baby has gone viral in our community – a funny and stinging commentary about the medical system.

Watching the shadows by Louise Kinross, editor at the Bloom blog.  I love this piece about the joy of a simple walk with her beloved boy.

Fun stuff:

I cannot stop listening to the Heart and the Head.  Once upon a time I wrote song lyrics for a band, and this music makes me pine for those days.

This John Legend video made me weep and wish hard that my daughter loves herself, just the beautiful way she is.  And that my sons love their women in the same way.

I want to see this, badly. Will be patient until December 5.



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