celebrate your awesome


A part of my life is co-owning Bird Communications, a health communications company in Edmonton.  Our Birds are videographers, photographers, graphic designers, writers, editors, voice narrators and researchers.  I think the world of them.

My company is a way that I celebrate awesome, for Bird is built on values that are important to me:  caring for the creative professionals who do work with us, being family-friendly, offering professional development opportunities, nurturing our clients, and sharing positive stories in this world.  I feel blessed to do this work.

Every six weeks, we host a Bird Gathering at a local cafe.  We bring in guest speakers to shake things up, share different perspectives and make us think.  Today we were honoured to have Jonathan Rivero, CEO of QI Creative, present about Celebrate Your Awesome.

I purposely invited people who I consider Family Leaders to our gathering today.  They all happened to be moms who have children with special needs.  I invited them because I think they are all awesome, but I am not sure that they themselves believe that they are awesome.  Today’s presentation reminded them of that very fact.

Jonathan invited us to think about:

  • Can you create awesome from difficult circumstances?
  • Do difficult circumstances in fact make us awesome? (And we ALL carry difficult circumstances in this world, whether you have a kid with special needs or not).
  • Have you decided what you believe in?
  • What gives you meaning in your life?
  • If we do not believe we are awesome, we cannot teach our children to be awesome.

That final point really resonated with me.  How can I encourage my children to follow their passion and build on their strengths if I do not do that myself?   I watched the gender difference in the room today – Jonathan asked:  who here thinks they are awesome?  The men’s hands immediately shot up.  Us women sat on our hands, and some of us sheepishly poked up a finger.  What would happen if we all committed to stop apologizing, deflecting praise and being so modest?

Jonathan quoted Henry Ford and said:

Whether we believe we can or can’t, we are right.

He also told us:  feel the fear and do it anyway.   Imagine what you could do if you weren’t afraid.





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