crushing on andrew solomon

I’m watching in awe as Andrew Solomon leaves his mark in this world.  First, his book Far from the Tree changed the way I looked at all my children and their differences and taught me the distinction between love and acceptance.  It is a very very important book.  Then, his Ted Talks all have unmatched eloquence and humour.

I knew he was merely one province away, in British Columbia, for Ted Talks in March.  His new talk is now posted online.  I’d invite you to make yourself a cup of tea, settle in, and enjoy the next twenty minutes and twenty seven seconds: How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are. 

When Andrew Solomon speaks, his words are like poetry.  There is always someone who wants to confiscate our humanity.  And stories restore it.  If we live out loud, we can trounce the hatred.  And:  Forge meaning, build identity and then invite the world to share your joy.


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