what are you most afraid of?

Oh my goodness, this video about An and Ria’s first airplane flight is truly delightful.  It reminds us that the rewards are great if we dare to do the things that we are most afraid of.  And as An’s husband says, “You can do so much more than you think.”  My own grandma climbed on a plane at age 60-something for a her very first flight, which was to Australia.  Talk about starting with a bang!

I’ve been thinking of the things that have terrified me over the years:   Water.  Long airplane flights.  Roller coasters.  Public speaking.  I try to address these fears head on, and have not always been successful.  I can snorkel, but only in shallow water.  I will go on a boat, but I’d never go water-skiing.  I flew to Australia, but only with the help of sleeping medication.  I have been on kiddy roller coasters, but still fear the big ones.  I swore I would never public speak, and now that’s part of what I do for a living.

There are many other things I fear:  Conflict.  Rats.  Internet comments.  Downhill skiing.  Team sports of any type.  Not being able to touch the bottom of the pool.  I’m pretty good at avoiding any situation that puts me to face to face with these fears.

If An and Ria can climb onboard a plane for the very first time at age 70-something, well what kinds of things can you do, too?





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