happy world down syndrome day!

Our son has three copies of his 21st chromosome.  Today is March 21 (03/21), World Down Syndrome Day.  A hat tip to everybody who has Down syndrome, or anybody who loves a person with Down syndrome.

This video is zooming around the Internet.  It is people from around the world, offering advice a future mom, who just found out her baby is going to have Down syndrome.

Ps:  I violated my cardinal rule of never reading website comments and peeked at a few comments on the CTV website.  My husband is always reminding me to stop heading towards the ditch (and remain positive) and the comments from the general public sent me careening right into the ditch.

Don’t read the website comments, and please just enjoy the video.  As a mom of a young man with Down syndrome, I can tell you that what the people express in this video is beautiful and true.  And I should know, right?


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