this is our story. we all need to be loved.

My husband and I watched this RTE Ireland program called “Somebody to Love” today. I had tears streaming down my face the entire time, and disintegrated into sobs at one point. It touched a place in my mama heart.

The documentary is from RTE, which is Ireland’s National Public Service Broadcaster. Unfortunately, the full video expires on their site today but this trailer sums up the premise: it is about people with all sorts of disabilities, and the honest fact that we all need someone to love.  Kieran Coppinger is the narrator of the trailer – he’s so articulate and self-confident.  He lit up the screen every time he appeared.

Of course I thought of Aaron, who at age 10 talks often about his girlfriend, what kind of car he is going to buy her (sometimes a BMW convertible, sometimes a Ford pick up), where they are going to go on holidays (in a RV, he says) and where they are going to live (he picks out the huge mansions in Magrath when we drive past).  As his parents, we have to make sure we build him a community so he can find love.  I want that for him so much.

My favourite quote came from Sarah.  She is married to a young man named John Paul, and they have a beautiful little girl together named Alison. Both Sarah and John Paul have cerebral palsy.

I think society likes to put people in little boxes.  And when you pop up, they say, ‘whoa, get back in there.’ …there is no such thing as normal anyhow.

Bravo to all the participants in this important film.  I think we desperately need more forums and opportunities for people with differences (and their families) to tell their own stories.  (I also have a soft spot for Ireland – see below).

Aaron at Ballymaloe in Ireland in 2009

Aaron at Ballymaloe in County Cork, Ireland in 2009



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