new year resolve


Ali Edwards challenges us to select one little word for the year 2014.  I like this simple yet powerful resolve to be dedicated to one word. A friend has the wonderful idea of writing down great moments in 2014, storing it away in a jar, and then reading them all on December 31, 2014.   I like this too – a reminder to be grateful, and to celebrate the positive.

I don’t dismiss New Year’s resolutions.  What’s wrong with reflecting on my life, and thinking of ways to be MORE awesome?  I’m a fan of the strengths-based approach – whether it is with my kids or in my relationships or with my Bird colleagues.  If we build on what we do well, then we can be outstanding.  (Building on our weaknesses will only make us average.  And feeling crappy about ourselves).

What do I do well, and how do I want to build on that in 2014?  This year, I’ve done a good job of taming my anxiety with one little phrase:  stay in the moment.  This beautiful blog post, called Finding Time to Just Breathe by Kate Wilson inspired me to pick up a book called Wherever you go, there you are.

Now, whenever I find my mind racing to some work challenge, or sliding backwards to some regret, I just think:  stay in the moment.  And, a moment is all I’ve got.  My word for 2014 is present, to remind me to hang onto this very moment.  Right now, my 17 year old daughter is slumbering downstairs, and my ten year old is in his room, listening to dance music really really loud.  I’m tucked inside my little office, warm on this grey winter’s day.  My orange cat is purring at my feet.  I’m still in my bathrobe, I just finished a cup of coffee and there is bowl of miniwheats with berries in my belly.  All is well in my world.

Welcome, 2014.



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