talking to the great translators

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 8.59.30 AMIt was an honour to be asked to be the Opening Plenary speaker for the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association Fall PD Event in Calgary on October 5, 2013.

I spent the summer interviewing Pharmacists so I could better understand the challenges of my audience, and I met with what I would term ‘Champion’ Pharmacists who loved the work that they did and made a difference to patients and families in their community pharmacy practice.

My icebreaker for the session was for the audience to turn to their partner and share a story about how they made a difference in a patient’s life.  After initial hesitation, the room erupted with enthusiasm for sharing how they had helped others over their careers.  It was lovely to witness their passion for their profession and their patients.

I gained a newfound respect for the pharmacy profession.  They are the great translators of the complex health system for patients.  They take something that is foreign, and confusing (often coming in the form of a prescription) and create something that is meaningful for patients to manage their own health.

As a Twitter follower said to me:  I love pharmacists!  They really know their stuff.

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