the invisible mom


I had an essay published today on Holland Bloorview’s Bloom blog.  Louise Kinross is a progressive writer who edits the Bloom magazine and blog.  Bloom is a super-progressive publication – Louise is not afraid of publishing authentic, true stories about the world of disability.

Here it is.  It is called The Invisible Mom.

It took me a few weeks to summon up the courage to send this to Louise for her consideration.  I was reminded of Brene Brown’s talks on shame and vulnerability.  This is a very vulnerable piece – I read it and see my fragility in it.

But I also feel so passionately that us families have to be connected together so we feel less alone, and more strong.  We don’t have an organization that does that for us; we have to seek each other out, and hopefully health and education professionals help us connect along the way.  This speaks to the value of peer support, for sadly our society still shuns those who are different.

Today’s Supreme Court ruling reminds me that others have taken the long, hard journey to fight discrimination and violations on human and civil rights.  I hope that our disability community can band together and do the same.  But first we have to start speaking of the truths in our world.  Thank you to Bloom for giving us a space and a voice to express ourselves.

2 thoughts on “the invisible mom

  1. Jill says:

    What a wonderful, raw, passionate essay. Thank you for writing it. I just came across it on HuffPost, and it brought me to tears.

    My 11-year-old son Sam would love to have a playdate with Aaron. Wish we were neighbors.

    And for what it’s worth, I so dislike those moms in Lululemon gear.

  2. sue robins says:

    Thanks, Jill for the comment….it is so heartening to think that Aaron would have friends all over the world, if geography wasn’t standing in our way….

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