myth busting – CARE magazine

grandview extended care

I’m thrilled to bits to announce that my latest feature written and photographed for CLPNA’s Care Magazine is now on-line.  It is called Myth Busting, and features photos and interviews from some of my favourite people in the world: nurses who work in the world of continuing care.

I have my own story about working in continuing care.  A long long time ago, in the decade they call the ’80’s, I worked part-time at the Mewburn Veterans Home as a nursing attendant, while I was going to the University of Alberta.  And studying Shakespeare and Art History.  Talk about a contrast in my life.  I used to go directly to my English classes on campus still wearing my nursing uniform.

Being a nursing attendant was hard work, but exceedingly rewarding.  I’ve carried the experience I had at the Vet’s Home into everything I do in the health system.

The folks that provide hands-on, bedside care to the most vulnerable are very dear to my heart.

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