a wife’s tale

at the harbour in howth, north of dublin

at the harbour in howth, north of dublin

I was thrilled when my abstract for speaking at the World Down Syndrome Congress was accepted earlier this year.  So in mid-August, my husband and I packed up our youngest son, age 6, and travelled to Ireland for the Congress and a subsequent two weeks in Dublin and County Cork.

I’ve chronicled many of our adventures which revolved around food, on Foodie Suz.  I also had time to read an entire book (a rarity that I carve out for myself on holidays).  This time it was Lori Lansen’s A Wife’s Tale.  Lest you think it is like the Canadian version of The Biggest Loser, it is certainly not.  A Wife’s Tale is an engaging and compassionate read.It is a lovely book of transformation and post-divorce.

After my first marriage ended, I, too travelled far away – for me, it was to Norway with my two kids.  This is a common experience, I think – women searching for home in strange places.  Eat, Love, Pray is like that too.  Although both those protagonists weren’t travelling with two children under the age of seven.  I clearly wasn’t thinking straight.

Take a look at Lori Lansen’s bio page.  It is the best bio I have ever read – very warm and personable, and illustrates that our lives really are built around babies and where we live.  She provides inspiration for those of us who say about writing:  I can’t. I can’t find the time. Lori Lansen just sits down and writes.  Because that’s what writers do.


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