library thing

Library Thing has been around for a while.  It is a listing of books people have read.  Basically, you put your personal library up on the Internet for all to see.

Here are my entries.  Click on the ‘cover’ option to see the full effect.  I don’t necessarily think you can see into someone’s soul by knowing what books they read, but it is interesting nonetheless.  Plus, by seeing the books that others read, it is a great way to get book recommendations and helps with the aimless wandering around bookstores. (Although I have to admit aimless wandering around bookstores is one of my favourite things to do).

I tend to go on jags with my book reading and lately I have been on a food memoir kick.  My favourite book so far?  Heat by Bill Buford.  The writing in it is sharp as a knife, and he seamlessly jumps between trips to Italy to a famous Mario Batali kitchen.  I savoured this book one chapter at a time, because I did not want it to end.  Please Bill Buford, write more books.

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