post-washington trip


I went to Washington DC last week for three days to canvass for the Obama campaign.  I went down because I believed in Obama’s message

I hooked up with dual-citizen friends and we worked in Northern Virginia.  We went to Obama’s last campaign rally in Manassas Virginia.  And we celebrated hard at 11 pm EST when CNN declared Obama the 44th president of the United States.

I pitched my trip as a story idea to a couple of places.  Nobody was interested.  But that’s ok.  What I came back with from this experience was the knowledge that people are decent and good.  And that hope is a more powerful motivator than fear. 

And a re-realization in the power of storytelling.  If you listen to Obama speak, he always weaves in a personal story in his speeches.  People respond to people – not to political machines or corporations.  I was very proud of the Americans on November 4.  Hope.  Believe.  Change.


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